Bilal Siddiqui

I’m a Dubai based emerging artist from Pakistan and a qualified art practitioner, holds a; degree in Graphic Design and a master’s in Design Management from the United Kingdom. I have been exposed to various creative sectors; worked, as an event coordinator and designer, production with Disney on ice in Dubai and handled graphic design to social media accounts.

Most significantly for many years I conducted creative workshops as an aspiring artist under the supervision of art therapist mainly in all age groups, but mainly with Gifted individuals to enhance their capabilities and motivate them through creative means. Besides that, I’m a freelance visual artist create paintings on orders, showcasing and taking part in the local to the international contest.

My work is based on modern, contemporary and experimental art. Inspiration is mainly selected from American and European art, which depicts individuality through lines, textures, shapes, and colors. Topics covered on a wide range such as confusion, dichotomy, escapism, love of brain, what God is, symbiotic and many others. I prefer mixed mediums, with a fair understanding of soft and oil pastels, oil and acrylic paints, and ink.

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Hayam Elsayed

Hayam is an Egyptian artist. She graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology. Hayam’s goal in life is to help people and help them strive in personal excellence hayam has always had an eye for art ever since she was a little girl. After all these years she decide to take art to another level which lead her Florence academy of art. she saw the beauty that came whilst working on art. Hayam has a lot of passion towards all kinds art she appreciates good art when she sees it and recognize each and every detail from the abstract lines to the balance between each color.

She found her inspiration in facial expression and how emotions can be seen through the eyes of a portrait. 

Contemporary Hayam Elsayed, an Egyptian artist who has a young and vibrant heart. Art is not a hobby to her but a way of life. She aims to heal people through painting. Her art showcases intense emotions giving her paintings warmth and a great sense of realism. 

Hayam paints portraits that express intense emotions, with faces that reveal feelings of love, courage, hope and strength. Observing every face she see’s; Hayam paints the live expression of her subject giving it a life of its own.  Her technique embodies detail drawing lines and colour choices that highlights the subjects’ intense gazes.
She hopes that her art will inspire people by stirring their emotions and senses looking at the versatile characters she draws. With each painting, she delivers feelings of hope, love, courage and all range of positive emotions that will heal and help people. She gets inspired by looking at people’s faces, watching the way they laugh, cry and react to all the senses surrounding them. She aims to be different by giving life to her paintings with her detailed drawing techniques and the color choices that highlights the subjects’ intense gazes . 

Takahiro Yamada

Japan-based artist Takahiro Yamada selected for online show program and new project which will be held between Japan and Berlin.

Black & white ballpoint pen artist and translator. Cats, Dogs, owls, stuffed animals and all furry KAWAII things draw most of the attention of my ballpoint pen. My aim is to express their warmth and liveliness on paper through simple means. Also, presently a translator ( Japanese-English) for an Osaka trading company.


Amarnath Viswanath

Amarnath Viswanath is a German resident, born in India on 20, June 1941. After graduating with in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, India, Amarnath started his ceramic career working as a trainee in a ceramic insulator company in Germany. In 1968 he completed his studies at the Ceramic College in Germany with a degree in Ceramic Engineering.

As a Ceramic Engineer, Amarnath joined a Color Manufacturer and developed colors and coatings for ceramic products like Wall- and Floor Tiles, Sanitary wares and Dinnerwares. He was in charge of the Pigment Development Division and spent 3 years in Spain for on-site installation of a new Color plant. His job included lots of traveling to Africa,Europe and USA  assisting  customers to produce sellable products.

In his early boyhood, Amarnath showed extreme interests on colors and their structure. Later on his professional career, Amarnath was dealing with the development of colors and experimenting on new color combinations.Vast traveling across the globe and thus learning different cultures and life, has left an unforgettable memory.

Amarnath uses almost exclusively acrylic colors for his paintings. Although he started his painting with abstract images, Amarnath tends more and more towards landscape paintings. Most of the landscape images are remembrance of his time spent in USA. Color blue is the favorite color of Amarnath as can be seen in most of his paintings. Amarnath has exhibited his art in working group exhibitions including the international Artist’s Organisation’s „IN3ArtWorldWide“ exhibition in Tuscany Italy.

Frederick Bamfo

Online Catalogue

Bamfo(b.1981 Kumasi, Ghana) is an award winning artist who is redefining Ghanaian modern art and architecture. He served as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at the Department of Painting and Sculpture in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi where he obtained his BFA in 2010 and MFA in 2014. He also has background knowledge in Fashion Design and Textiles from Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both in Ghana and abroad. Notable of his exhibitions are: Incubarte 7 Biennale Exhibition 2015 in Valencia, Spain, Barclays L’Atelier Competition Exhibition 2015, 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Doug Puller


Storm relates to the dangers and risks little girls are exposed to. It alludes to the sexual trafficking and other horrors they face in these times. The three girls hang web-like in the middle of chaos and impending danger—fragile and broken—yet still innocent. They appear as if they are in the midst of a storm—as the small Emily Dickenson poem states on the piece:

‘Twas such a little—little boat

That toddled down the bay!

‘Twas such a gallant—gallant sea

That beckoned it away!’

Twas such a greedy, greedy wave

That licked it from the Coast—

Nor ever guessed the stately sails

My little craft was lost!

Francesco Ruspoli

Born in 1958 in Paris from a British mother with a French background and a Belgian father with an Italian background, Ruspoli has presented his work in international art fairs and international galleries increasing worldwide exposure. 

He has been recipient of a number of important international awards and medals such as to mention a few: Eugene Fromentin Award and Gold Medal in France, Masters Award and Honorable Award in USA, Gold Medal in China, Honorary Award of Distinction and Honorable Award in UK, Silver Medal in Italy.

Inspired by his surrounding Ruspoli moved towards a new way of working stimulated by the influences of artists such as Chaim Soutine, Georges Rouault, Henri Matisse, Edward Munch and Egon Schiele. 

Ruspoli art work places the human figures in an abstract environment supported by a vivid use of colours where subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuance of emotion and sensuous physicality. 

The work also expresses the direct sensation of lived experience through organic shapes and forms woven from flowing lines and the gaze of the viewer. You are invited to participate in a creative encounter with these elements constructing your own visual languages and meanings.

Ruspoli is internationally awarded with some of his paintings in Museum’s permanent collections.

“Art is about sharing visual ideas. My canvas may not have a front or a back cover but I try with each study, each painting to represent a work to be read rather than stared at. If through my work as an artist I am able to stimulate thoughts and feelings then I have achieved my goal.”


What comes after death? This age-old question has been the cornerstone for many artists over the years. Makotu Nakagawa approaches the subject with intimacy, clarity and graphic representation, depicting his father and his body through numerous stages of life, death and the spaces inbetween.

Makotu was born in a rural town in Japan, when his father was 50 years old. For that reason, he grew up feeling the anxiety that father will die in near future. As he grew older, that anxiety grew.

After completing his aesthetics degree at Keio University in Tokyo, he worked in a liquor store and pursued photography in the evenings at Tokyo College of Photography in Yokohama. In order to escape from anxiety of death, he kept taking pictures over ten years. Only his father as a subject.

At the beginning he began taking pictures to escape from reality, but after time, it turned into a means to accept and record the raw reality that was in front of him. Even if it is hopeless and cold like an ice. Because, infinite beauty lives in the sight of reality.

Makotu notes: “I keep bending ear to these pictures, in order to carry this world after myfather passed away. The work is only way for me to listen to the voice of silence.”