Larain Briggs

I have been painting since a child and exhibiting my work since the age of 14. I grew up in Kent, in the UK and moved to London to study fine art, painting at Camberwell Art College. I also studied to understand how to use digital media in my work on a BSc at the Anglia Polytechnic after moving to the coast in Essex where I now live.  Some time was spent teaching in secondary schools after studying on a postgraduate course at Goldsmiths University when living in London.  I am now happily a full-time artist and have exhibited internationally.

I allow myself freedom in my work to experiment with technique and style. My study of art therapy, psychology and philosophy led me on a journey of self-discovery which is often apparent in my work. I am influenced by Carl Jung and the Surrealists amongst others.  My work is expressive and fluctuates between the figurative and abstraction.