Darren Hall

A Long Visual Journey

I am a full-time professional artist.

My first taste of art was at secondary school but it wasn’t until 2011 that I arrived on the art scene. Due to my ill health I work daily for therapy and art will always be my therapy first and foremost. In 2019 the desire to sell my work became really apparent so here I am.

I paint in an Impressionistic and expressionistic style with loose and pronounced strokes. I also draw with ink.

My impressionistic landscape paintings are less vivid then my expressionistic style but are as eye catching all the same. They are more controlled and much more in the moment and I generally just use brush work.

My expressionistic paintings, are fulfilled with significant deep foundations of mental trauma and pain. During my time in my studio my body releases different reactions to each trauma. The confusion that is released from deep within everyday creates a different meaning. I find myself painting by an energy transferred between my materials and thoughts that is completely conceptual and in that moment. I have no idea what is planned or what material, paint colours and applicators I might use. The expression in the finished art is so distinctive by the nature of my mental angst.

My art is displayed in Embassies, schools, offices and so many homes around the world.

I have lived in many countries. They have all helped to develop my art, each one contributing to me exploring deep inside for the next step or project. My wife and I now live in Denny, Scotland and I work from my home studio. 

Scotland is beautiful and awe inspiring for any artist and I am taking full advantage of the quiet lifestyle and nature. It has been the inspiration and turning point in my health I needed, but also for my art.