Bilal Siddiqui

I’m a Dubai based emerging artist from Pakistan and a qualified art practitioner, holds a; degree in Graphic Design and a master’s in Design Management from the United Kingdom. I have been exposed to various creative sectors; worked, as an event coordinator and designer, production with Disney on ice in Dubai and handled graphic design to social media accounts.

Most significantly for many years I conducted creative workshops as an aspiring artist under the supervision of art therapist mainly in all age groups, but mainly with Gifted individuals to enhance their capabilities and motivate them through creative means. Besides that, I’m a freelance visual artist create paintings on orders, showcasing and taking part in the local to the international contest.

My work is based on modern, contemporary and experimental art. Inspiration is mainly selected from American and European art, which depicts individuality through lines, textures, shapes, and colors. Topics covered on a wide range such as confusion, dichotomy, escapism, love of brain, what God is, symbiotic and many others. I prefer mixed mediums, with a fair understanding of soft and oil pastels, oil and acrylic paints, and ink.

Please see the updated works in the following link: