Amarnath Viswanath

Amarnath Viswanath is a German resident, born in India on 20, June 1941. After graduating with in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, India, Amarnath started his ceramic career working as a trainee in a ceramic insulator company in Germany. In 1968 he completed his studies at the Ceramic College in Germany with a degree in Ceramic Engineering.

As a Ceramic Engineer, Amarnath joined a Color Manufacturer and developed colors and coatings for ceramic products like Wall- and Floor Tiles, Sanitary wares and Dinnerwares. He was in charge of the Pigment Development Division and spent 3 years in Spain for on-site installation of a new Color plant. His job included lots of traveling to Africa,Europe and USA  assisting  customers to produce sellable products.

In his early boyhood, Amarnath showed extreme interests on colors and their structure. Later on his professional career, Amarnath was dealing with the development of colors and experimenting on new color combinations.Vast traveling across the globe and thus learning different cultures and life, has left an unforgettable memory.

Amarnath uses almost exclusively acrylic colors for his paintings. Although he started his painting with abstract images, Amarnath tends more and more towards landscape paintings. Most of the landscape images are remembrance of his time spent in USA. Color blue is the favorite color of Amarnath as can be seen in most of his paintings. Amarnath has exhibited his art in working group exhibitions including the international Artist’s Organisation’s „IN3ArtWorldWide“ exhibition in Tuscany Italy.