Roberta Guarna

Roberta Guarna was born in Florence. His father worked in the haute couture sector as a costume designer, stylist and model maker, while his mother loved to paint and create country landscapes on canvas in her free time. Since childhood, Roberta has studied and been educated in the best women’s education institutions in Florence. One of these was Villa la Quiete delle Montalve, an ancient building belonging to the De ‘Medici family. She has been educated with the utmost rigor in the arts and other disciplines to which she has always dedicated herself with passion and dedication.

The path of his life has been painful and difficult, but in these circumstances he has always found comfort in the Faith and in Art in every form of expression. Over the years he has attended numerous artistic and creative workshops in order to learn the most varied techniques until determining the Laboratory of “Art and Identity” conducted and edited by the international artist Agnese Purgatorio with which he also learned the technique of artistic collage . Roberta’s work does not want to be abstract and without meaning. Often autobiographical, it is aimed at that part of society that is marginalized, invisible and fragile.