zaahirah muthy


Zaahirah entered the artistic arena at a young age, riding swiftly on the crest of the waves formed by her passion and imagination. From her motherland, Mauritius, to the Persian Gulf where she currently resides, Zaahirah, an Artist Activist, perpetually attempts to re-define and re-discover herself on the landscape of her canvases. Moving from acrylic paint to the use of mixed mediums, Zaahirah has transcended the limitations defined by the tip of her brush and, in ecstasy, she almost literally pirouettes on her artwork, using her body to put color in thoughts and contour in emotions, turning, thus, a simple frame into an experience, intervention, or statement.

It is this vividness, the serenity of the frequently repeated patterns, the ode to the subtle hues of a monochromic adventure, the peaceful revolution, the attention to the metaphorical, and the buoyant disposition emanating from her work that have resonated with hundreds of people. Over the years, this led to a series of prestigious awards and official recognitions. To name just a few, Zaahirah has been nominated as the curator for World Art Dubai 2017, and has been honored as the “Artist of the Year 2016” at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival; she has received the “Youth Excellence Award in Leadership” and the “Oscar de la Jeunesse 2001” in Artistic Pursuit by the Government of Mauritius, while she was also the winner of the 2013 Artists Critic Award in Dubai. Finally, she has exhibited either solo or collectively in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Merging her two passions – arts and community engagement – Zaahirah has launched since 2012 the ZeeArts Community, an artist-activist platform that Connects Artists to Create Communities and Celebrate Arts. Through this platform, dozens of exhibitions, workshops, live paintings, artistic dialogues, cultural exchanges, and retreat programs have been held, all curated and promoted by the community.