Soliloquy, Open Call For Berlin – Ended


Apply Here !

Artness System invites painters, sculptors, performance artists and all disciplines to the global event in order to exhibit their works in the form of a monologue reflecting the ethnic nature of international artists!
The correlation between artist identity and social relations will be produced in monologue., ” Soliloquy ” will be an international project which is open to all applications in every technique.
In his book Macbeth, Shakespeare presents a monologue:
‘’Tomorrow,and tomorrow,and tomorrow…….Signifying nothing.’’
What about yours?

Send your application with necessary documents via e-mail to
A full application includes the following:
Completed application form.
Resume / CV
Documentation of recent work (4-10 photos)

Duration : 10-17 June 2018

Place: White Concepts Gallery

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