Krypton is used in lighting products, an important use is in high-powered, flashing airport runway lights. Krypton-fluorine lasers produce pulses with 500 times the power of the entire U.S. electrical grid. Krypton is used with argon lights to improve their brightness and in fluorescent with nitrogen in incandescent lights to extend their lifetime. It is also used in flashbulbs to produce a very bright light for a very short period of time, for use in high-speed photography. Radioactive krypton-85 can be used to locate small flaws in metal surfaces. The gas tends to collect in these flaws and its radioactivity can be detected. 

Mental health and The Stigmatization is still an important social problem. In our upcoming Art Festival “Crypton” in Barcelona, our main purpose is to support the people who suffer from Mental Illnesses and Bipolar Disorder. We want to shed light to the Bipolar Artists, we want to enlighten their way with the Krypton, source of the neon light. We are working for to bring them forward in the Global Art Market and support the employement. We have the responsibility to give hope and make contribution to their life. We believe the Art has a power to heal. 
We aim to reach more audiences, artists and guests who will participate in this festival by sharing this power. We are focusing on social inclusion. So, for whom suffers from those mentall illnesses can take a part in the society. We want to show them that they can look forward brightly. 

In this festival, 
We want to burn the light with Art through shine and neon.
We want to make a change this World with an : [Ar]3d104s24p6

Co Director of Art Festival
Fatmagül Mutlu