Ela Solomon

Ela Solomon, an Israeli performance artist, born in 1973. MFA graduate of the program “Actor-creator-researcher” of Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Participated at Tamar Raban’s workshop, was a member of Raban’ s ensemble 209 and participated in ”Shulchan Aruch” a performans of 14 performers created by Tamar Raban and Ernesto Levy. Graduate of “The Room Theater” and “Nissan Nativ” Tel-Aviv yearly workshop.

Creates and perform performances that reflect autobiographical matters and a feministic point of view over the dependency of human beings on each other. The performance always functions as a research lab that has no predetermined answers. The interaction with the audience is always personal, intimate and unmediated and therefore makes the audience an inseparable part of the creation each and every time.

Free Me – A performance I created and performed for “Zaz” international festival for performance art, Arad, Israel.
Contacts/ties – A performance I created and performed with Motti Dori for “Overlapping”- a performance night at Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Selfi (Creation) – A performance I created as part of my MFA process. I re-performed it as part of the “Panoramic window” exhibition, curated by Nitza Perri as part of the international women’s day 2018 festivals, performed at the artist house, Reut, Israel.
Bear’s hug – A performance I created for ”Zig Zag” performance night produced by Netta Marom at Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel re-performed at the opening night of “Selfie+”exhibition curated by Anat Shalev and Tal Margalit. The exhibition took place at Yad Labanim House, Modiin, Israel.
Ela Solomon will show her amazing performance project that is called ”FOR ME – FOR YOU – FOR GIVE”
Photo Credit by Doron Adar