Dalia Berlin


Dalia Berlin’s collages are full of symbols, colors, warmth, humor, love and even unusual sensual charge which allow her to transmit and create a connection with the art collector far beyond the two dimensional world. Creating collages to represent the transition from a known present to a future sense. Her approach to painting is purely intuitive. She takes over the surface applying large areas of colors and developing interesting backgrounds. This part of the process is tremendously enjoyable. Painting resembles an act of faith a total wondrous event. Not having preconceived notions of where the work will take the artist or what the painting will look like in the end is very much an act of faith. Painting is about process, pure love for the act of painting itself, starting with a sketch, mixing the colors and seeing them come together is a magically fluid activity that changes along as Dalia changes.  The freedom she experiences while painting is like nothing else. Painting without expectations allows her to feel carefree about the outcome. Painting for Dalia often starts with a song or a poem that lingers in her mind and the kind of lyrics that carry a theme in her soul while she allows that feeling to flow onto the canvas.  Developing a painting to me is a passion that at times can be both humbling and extremely rewarding.