Eleni Tsamadia



Eleni Tsamadia (graduated ASFA) is a visual artist resident currently in Athens Greece.Her performance work offers a really intense visual and sentimental experience and is focused on ritual like approach.The same elements as well as vivid organic shapes she uses for creating sculptural environments and videos. One of the defining elements of hers is the sensitivity with which she approaches and portrays the human body, not as an artistic instrument but as a declaration of life and creation. Her latest focus point is how a familiar environment such as our body has the ability to become totally alienated when sentiment is involved . This case is transformed into performance and video artworks tasting our ability to construct worldviews in order to communicate our unique and fascinating human situation. A characteristic example of her work is her recent solo show in which these ideas of organic and sentimental battle created a really interesting environment of imaginary body forms.





With Graduate Degrees in Classic & Contemporary Dance (Greek National Opera, Athens, Greece) and Music (Fakanas Music School, Athens, Greece),


Ara Bogosian is currently a senior student at Crete’s Polytechnic University,

in the fields of  Music Engineering, Acoustics, Electroacoustics & Optoacoustics,


while taking his placement at Athens National School of Fine Arts, in video editing and video installation, alternative drawing forms and performance, under the advisory of professors Panos Charalambous and Vicky Betsou.


His central interest is the mixture of different flowsfrom various artistic and philosophical fields,

in order to reconsider, highlight, and reconstructsignificant relatioships between them.


He has taken part in various Installations and Performancesin the domains of Music, Dance and Art, and has been involved in academic teams and projectsin Athens, London and Barcelona.


Selected Participations:


Rooms 2018, Kappatos Gallery, Athens, Greece. (Installation, with Eleni Tsamadia.)

Share Life, Municipality of Halandri, Athens, Greece, 2018. (Permanent Public Space Installation, with Eleni Tsamadia.)

Exarcheia: Fragmentary Maps 1, Bios Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2018. (Performance, with Eleni Tsamadia.)

UPC, Electroacoustic Music Composers Annual Presentation, 2015. (Music.)

Special Olympics Hellas, with Michalis Kalpakis, 2011. (Music.)

New Students Performance, Trinity College London, 2010.


He has accepted scholarships from the following Institutions: UPC, Universidad Politecnica de Catalynya, 2015. Trinity College, London, 2010.