Max Goshko-Dankov

«My creativity is beyond gender, political and religious discourses, as I realize my creative mission is to share with people positive and colorful vibes and to give the opportunity to reveal themselves through art. Many lost their inner radiance – it’s time to rebuild our inner World to change the outside World for the Better», – Max says.
In 2016, Max issued a coloring book that became a best-seller in Russia, later in the same year Max launched the project of Big Colorings on the streets of Moscow and around the World.
Max spent his childhood in a cosy Russian town of Smolensk. From his young years Max was interested in arts and surprisingly to his family – as no one really knew – passed exams and competition to local art school at the age of 12 Max was one of the best students at school however at that time neither he himself nor his family considered painting to be key at his life and when he finished school the university choice was clear – philology and languages.
Max moved to the Russian capital as a student of Moscow State University to the faculty of journalism on an MA program. Later, working in global companies and leading international PR projects gave him the opportunity to meet true artists such as Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera or Philippe Starck.
Today Max is focused on his art, travelling around the World with his art projects and exhibitions in
Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, Milano and Hong Kong…
2018 Universe: Artist , Personal Exhibition, Moscow Museum, Moscow, Russia
2018 Contemporary Avantgarde, Group Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2018 Big Coloring Wall, Cultural Forum in Moscow, Russia
2017 Big Coloring Wall in Beijing, China
2017 Big Coloring Wall, Cultural Forum in Moscow, Russia
2016 Big Coloring Walls on Streets of Moscow, Russia
2016 Fantasy Cities, Coloring Book, Russia
2016 Perso, Personal Exhibition, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
2015 Perso, Personal Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2010 2nd Biennale of Young Art, Moscow, Russia
2008 1st Biennale of Young Art, Moscow, Russia
2007 Les Mots, Personal Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
Instagram: @MGDANKOV
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