fatmagül mutlu


Fatmagül Mutlu, global artist, curator and activist who continues his life on the road. Boğaziçi University and Bologna University have received trainings. She performs international art activities under the identity of art manager. In addition, she has the title changemaker.

Also, the artist makes mixed technique in order not to restrict, style and production. It also takes place globally in scientific circles with projects that combine art and science. Artist products innovative projects, aiming to contribute to the psychological and mental development of human with partnerships and non-governmental organizations as national and international initiatives. In this respect, art, civil society and private institutions through arts as a bridge continues to projects.

Artist that has won Ecuador Biennial Award, projects bring artistic and scientific criticism to the rape of information that urban people are exposed to with own tecniques. As a result, it presents a therapeutic perspective on contemporary human behavior and psychological problems. With art, science and psychotherapeutic approaches, the artist is looking at the world from a new vision.

Bipolar Projects in which the artist founder, is based on idea-based and psychological research, he is engaged in creative productions and projects that question social reflection and collective reflection of neurological ties. Having trained in the field of neurology, Mutlu continues to work on the potentially healing potential of the painful productions inherent in art.


27.International Tüyap Art Fair, Exhibited Installation from Bipolar Collection, 2017

Find Your Calling Istanbul, Atelier Muse’ s Residency Project, 2017

We are, We Belong , Group Exhibition, Illionis Art Therapy Association, The Dojo, Chicago USA, 2017

Colours of Diversity, Ministry of European Erasmus+ Project About Hearing Impairment, Project Owner, 2017

Konak Culture Center, Solo Exhibition, 09-15 December 2017

Uludağ University, Contemporary Approach to Medicine Congress, Makes Art on Trauma (workshop), 24 February 2017 ( Solo Exhibition )

Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Culture Center, Solo Exhibition, UBIAT Congress, 24-25 February 2017 ( Solo Exhibition )

Acıbadem International Hospital, Exhibition, Panels and Workshops, Bipolar Projects, 30-31 March 2017   ( Solo Exhibition

53.National Psychiatry Congress, Solo Show and Panel Program / Bipolar Disorder from Artist Eye, 03 October 2017 ( Solo Exhibition )

Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center, Solo Exhibition during 53. National Psychiatry Congress, 03-07 October 2017

Le Radici, Karma Sergi, Aldo Moro University, İtalya, 2017

Root.01, Group Exhibition, Abusuan Gallery, Italy, 2017 (Project Owner)

Distance And Desire, Group Exhibiton, Museo Civico Bari, Italy, 2016

Partenze, Group Exhibiton, Museo Civico Bari, Italy, 2016

İsyan, Group Exhibition, İsyan, Bakırköy Art Gallery, 2016

Recycle, Ecuador Biennial, Poster Exhibition, 2015

Faces, Uludağ University Art Gallery, Sculpture Exhibiton, 2013

Music With Wood, Konak Culture Center, Group Sculpture Exhibition, 2012

Nature, Art of Photograpy Association, Group Exhibition, 2012

19 May, Bursa State Fine Art Gallery, 2011

Motifs, Uludağ University Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2011


Ecuador Biennial, 2015

Ashoka Changemakers, 2017