Kiran Shah

Kiran Salim Shah is a UAE based Pakistani artist who creates art transcending time and space. Using acrylics and oil paints as her medium of choice, she depicts the streets of Pakistan with a rawness that captures the ethnicity and essence of her homeland while conveying the simplicity of the roots. She aims to translate these memories into a visual experience, giving each viewer a litle taste of her homeland.
Shah’s preference of genre is not confined to one area. From calligraphy to stll life and landscapes to streetscapes, her ultmate goal is to share with her audience the idea of joy in the ordinary. Her choice of palete usually sides on the somber tones, deep hues laying the foundations, while her signature bright strokes breathe life into the painting.
Shah holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, and has been a practcing artst for over 1 years. She has been creatng unique pieces of commissioned artwork for clients across the UAE, Pakistan and North America.
Her work was recently exhibited in Sinyar Gallery at the Dubai Design District, and she is currently working in collaboraton with Noon Art Gallery for the display in the World Art Dubai 2018.
She is soon to exhibit her work in the Internatonal Women’s Day Exhibiton at The Arab cultural Club Sharjah in March 2018 . And is also partcipatng in the Riddle Metamorphosis Exhibiton by Internatonal Artness System Berlin in August, which is to be held in August 2018.
She lives in the UAE with her family and enjoys reading, writng and photography in her spare time.