Yulianus Yaps


‘’Abstract art gives me freedom to expression and freely explore nature inside me unlimited.’’ – Yulianus Yaps



When I was born my country was only five years free from colonialism from the Dutch  and Japanese colonialism .My country became independent in 1945. the political situation was not stable and the country is still poor. Our family was 12 brothers, I was the youngest. At the age of 5 my father passed away, my mother replaced my father as the head of the family. To finance the family’s life my mother made a wet cake. Since I was 7 years old I helped my mother sell cakes to the age of 16, so I became late going to school. At the age of 13 a Dutchman named Hermanus was assisted me to join in the Catholic school Xaverius I. Because I was P13 years old, I immediately sat on class III. Three years later, at the age of 16 I graduated from elementary school.I want go to high school but because my mother was unable to pay, I finally did not continue school.

After not going to school, my daily activities toured the city looking for used viny recorder dishes and then painted landscapes using wood paint and sold them on the roadside. I spent among 2 years as a street painter . When I was  school I liked drawing lessons and every Christmas day the school and church held exhibits of artworks from students and my work often receive praise from visitors of parents, teachers and pastors as principals. These praises later became the trigger of my enthusiasm to become a painter.


In 1969 my mother passed away, a few months later, while I was still in the midst, I went to Jakarta and asked my brother to work in an iron casting factory. Since 1969 I have worked and have had the opportunity to learn several areas of expertise in my place of work, and then I became an expert of fire protection engineering, glass fiber reinforced plastic, molding systems. Various projects on the island of Java, the island of Kalimantan and Sumatra moved in various cities. I worked as an expert.
Time goes on, I too have been married and then have 2 children, sons and daughters. Twenty years of working in my spare time I always take the time to learn to paint myself. The dream of becoming a painter since adolescence is a debt that I have not paid off. Until the mid-1995, without notice, I have finished nearly 3000 paintings and various artworks from resin and fiber glass. Most of my paintings are oil on canvas. This is a record of the first phase of my life.

Mid-1995 was an important record of the history of my life. It started from mid-July, heavy rain a few days without stopping causing significant flooding in residential areas where my house was located. Water flooded my house at knee height for about 2 weeks, almost all electronic equipment and the others were submerged in water. The cabinets and cupboards where I kept the paintings in the warehouse collapsed. All the paintings were submerged in water, the work of my hobbies for years had disappeared in an instant. The sketches in the picture book, watercolor painting and oil paint on the canvas were destroyed like porridge, almost nothing can be saved.

The catastrophe of 1995 was the initial milestone of my search to find alternative materials as a medium of painting that could make the painting impermeable. Experiments after experimentation I did. I worked on various materials. It took years to find suitable material for my creation practice. I decided the silicon rubber material was included in the list of my favorite ingredients. This new ingredient made me get excited and deepen the techniques specifically for this material. After mastering the special techniques for silicon rubber, most of my work in recent years was mixed with silicon rubber. with oil paint. abstract painting is my favorite. Even though I am actually an artist who likes freedom in creating. Strong, spontaneous and free humor is the hallmark of each of my works.


On 1966, I had helped some of old painters from China  whose profession as paint stories about goddesses in the temple (the Buddhist monastery) he used to use maupik (traditional Chinese brush). Painting techniques or writing grafic starch, maupik scratches with deep black china ink is truly artistic. The past 50 years experience is still recorded in the memory of one when it appeared and inspired to create black and white painting works in the 2000s, the difference is most black and white paintings.



1) 2006 JW.Marriot Hotel.Jakarta collective exhibition.

2) 2014-2015-2017 Gets Special Merit Category & Special Award Category from Ligth Sapace & Time Online Gallery.

3) In 2017 selected Biancoscuro Art Contes tinter finalists at Monter Carlo Bay MONACO (http: / artcontest biancoscuro.it/site/biancoscuro-art-contest-4aedizone.

4) In 2017 one of the winners of the Biancoscuro Art Contest (http://artcontest.biancoscuro.it/site/biancoscuro-art-2017-Le-opere-vincitrici/).

5) September 14-November 26 ANIMA MUNDI-VISIONS International Art Exhibition on PALAZZA CA’ZANARDI VINECE ITALY.

6) International Exhibition of Contemporary Expo tour Egos XIV. Sala Mozart Barge from 6-15 October 2017 OUD SIN JAN Museum. Belgium. -2-8 December 2017 Borgo Gallery II Rome ITALY.

7) 1-30 November 2017 join the ITSLIQUID GROUP ALCHEMIX BODY FIRE WATER WATER EARTH International Painting Festival at Jorde Jurado Gallery Bogota COLOMBIA.

8) 25-28 January -2018 exhibition at ART INNBRUCK in Pavia ITALY by Biancoscuro.

9) Participation at the Porto International Festival Art Exhibition at Porto Art Gallery March 10-23 PORTUGAL ..

10) Collective exhibition on MONACO MONTE CARLO ART April 26-30 2018. (The Winning Of Biancoscuro Art Contest 2017)

11) Selected in the first round at the 23rd DADUN Art Exhibition in Taichung City TAIWAN 2018.

12) April 2018 received an Award Certificate from the Online Space Art Gallery for black and white painting works.

13) May 11-13 2018 Exhibition in Pavia ITALY by Biancoscuro.

14) 11-17 June Exhibition at the Berlin SOLILUQUY GERMANY.

15) Selected at the Biancoscuro Art Contest July 2018.