Kristina Maric

Kristina Marić is a multimedia artist based in Croatia. Incorporating mainly photography, video and performance, she explores the relationship between the individual and collective, frequently referring to the different paradoxes and discrepancies in our social context. Dealing with personal fears and placing them in the context of social conflicts are the key moments of her work. Criticizing and provoking general places in human perception and behaviour are constant attributes in her works, whether it is intimate and personal research, whether it is about the current problems of our social system.

2017 Red Carpet Art Award, Vienna, Austria
2016 Finalist in Online Squeeze It Award Contest, Trieste Contemporanea,
Trieste, Italy
2014 Award for the best Multimedia work on the Art Academy, Osijek, Croatia
2013 AQB residency, Budapest, Hungary

2017 The Duel II, Gallery Centre Varaždin, Varaždin, Croatia
2016 The Duel, Museum of Djakovština, Djakovo, Croatia
2015 The Duel, POPUP 22, Osijek, Croatia
2012 Cinderella complex, City Museum Požega, Požega, Croatia

2017 Testimony – Truth or Politics, Legat Colakovic, MSU, Beograd, Serbia
2017 On Photography at UAOS, Museum of Fine Arts Osijek, Osijek, Croatia
2017 Testimony – Truth or Politics, Boccanera Gallery, Trento, Italy
2017 Drava Art Biennale, Koprivnica Art Gallery, Koprivnica, Croatia
2017 Analog Mania, Centrul Multifunctional Bastion, Timisoara, Romania
2017 The Challanges of the Media Today, Gallery Kazamat, Osijek, Croatia
2017 Young European Art, Red Carpet Art Award, Art Pavilion Juraj Sporer,
Opatija, Croatia
2016 Of the Life of a Plant in the Big City, Eyes On – Month of Photography
Vienna, Malzgasse 12a, curated by Kristin Dittrich, Vienna, Austria
2016 Osten Biennial of drawing, Osten Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
2016 The Edge of Painting or Border Areas, The cellars of Diocletian’s
Palace, Split, Croatia
2016 The 51st Zagreb salon of the Visual Arts, Home of Croatian Artists,
Zagreb, Croatia
2016 Rootless, Group exhibition of Croatian Association of Artists Kazamat
Gallery, Osijek, Croatia
2016 Night of Museums, Museum of Djakovština, Djakovo, Croatia
2015 Device Art Festival, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Paris/Osijek, Lycée Auguste Renoir, Paris, France
2015 24th Slavonian Biennale – selection, The Brodsko Posavlje Museum,
Slavonski Brod, Croatia
2014 24th Slavonian Biennale, Museum of Fine Arts Osijek, Croatia
2014 5th Croation Biennial of Illustration, International exhibition of
illustration; Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia
2013 International exhibition of video and media art Crosstalk Video Art
Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2013 International exhibition of flags, Festival of the contemporary art
Danube dialogues, Novi Sad, Serbia
2013 Fotostarter, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
2010 Stereostrip, Klub SC, Zagreb, Croatia

2017 In mire, The Night of Performances, Perforacije festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2017 In mire, 17th Performance Art Festival. Osijek, Croatia
2017 On the target, 16th Performance Days, Varaždin, Croatia
2015 Suspension from work, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia
director: Borut Šeparović, production: Montažstroj, performers: Buga
Klara Blanuša, Pavle Bojanić, Karla Crnčević, Andreja Dodig, Iva
Đaković, Kristina Marić, Nataša Mihoci, Konrad Mulvaj, Nikolina Muža
2014 The Reconstruction of Meander, with Mia Štark,The Academy of Arts
Osijek, Osijek, Croatia