woraphan intaraworapad

The Meta-Painting With the House of Rainbow Sand are the artist’s records over paintings after Thai’s coup. The artist exploresthe relationship between Thai artworks and political,societal, cultural and historical events by highlighting 3 major incidents: “The shifts to modernity in Khrua In Khong’swork”,”History of the national Exhibition of Art(1937-1987),and “The Tang Daeng massacre of 3,008 locals”. These incidents have a great impact to the artist who has his home in the Southern Thailand. The work,therefore is an interception of Khrua In Khong’s murals painting style and cheap drawing techniques. This merged form results in the cartoonish painting of the Tang Daengmassacre,coloured with pearl paint,glitters and gold leaf.This process highlights and conceals some project in the painting ,and yet creates an environment found at temple fair , brothels,and rituals.