haleem bareach








As one can turn his/her to the present time he finds fear, torture, war and poverty everywhere. The contemporary times are completely captured with news items. The whole society is compassed within the violence. Europe to Asia,Arabs to Kashmir, Australia to Africa whole world is talking about violence and everywhere the crimes are going to be part of the society and no one is capable to end this. When I wanted to see the television it is full with violence, when i wanted to read newspaper is full with violence and when I wanted to talk with neighbors they started to talk on violence. it is my inspiration and I am influenced by this information. I think that as a part of society it is the need of time to work against the crimes against humanity. I used the imagery to do give my own expression as I am thinking in my mind. I have chosen the visuals with determined and complex meanings for my paintings. Female, child, jails, flowers, missiles arrows, flags, architectures, minarets, etc. I have designed my own surfaces for my paintings, here emphasized the texture like the skin of snake. I made experiments to get a perfect result for my expression and I think that I have gained what was presumed.