bogdan mucha

All our stories and visions come from childhood. This is the way our viewpoint of the world is created. How it sees us and how we feel ourselves in it. And there is really interesting process of how our tastes and preferences are born. Where do we get it and how do we know that we like one thing and dislike another? Probably, in the beginning we got main directions from our parents or, later, from other people who surround us. But sometimes you do feel that you like stuff that none of your parents or friends are about. That thing can be color, style, food, hobby or habits. I think, mainly, it can be created with our life experience, which creates complicated kaleidoscope from our own opinions and opinions of others about some things. And this process is like a sieve. More thoughts we get from outside make it more difficult for us to make our own choice, own preference. That’s why decisions are always easier in childhood and getting more and more complicated when we grow up. But some things need time. From early childhood my mom told me not to wear yellow. She can’t totally make an argument about it, but she always repeated that wearing yellow was weird and only crazy people did it. I didn’t understand why she thought so, but still believed in this theory, because of one strange man, who was selling insect poison at a local market. All clothes, from the bottom to the top, he wore, were yellow. And plus all those stories about “yellow papers” and “yellow house”, that where a synonym of craziness and crazy house in my language. So, that was an argument for me. But later, when I grew up, those arguments were not so important for me anymore. And one day I decided to reanimate yellow in my life. Color that got such a bad opinion from the beginning became my favorite color afterwards. Time did it. And my belief that color can’t be a synonym of craziness or crazy things. I even took a photo of my mother in a yellow jacket standing in the middle of a yellow field. And that moment was like a cure. Yellow was not color of craziness any more. But still it has association with something weird and forbidden in my opinion, and I do miss a time it wasn’t in my life. This story came from childhood. From the time my life was fool of bizarre people and weird situations. And all of them were yellow. Moreover, I did like them, and had accepted all those weird yellow things in my life, and now I would like to share my yellowness with you.