Artness Group is a global organization in the collaboration with huge number of galleries, museums and art collector from all over. Our one the mission is supporting emerging young artists and young people who is in mid-career. 
We are looking for marketing manager from all over who can work with commissionss at global art market. Manager will have opportunity to develop their business communication and fundraising skills through the trainings by Artness Group regularly.

Job Summary :

Marketing manager will care the online sales during the projects by Artness Group. We are looking for :

Manage emails and reply the inquiries in a timely manner with self-direction
Report tasks on monthly basis (2 hours in a day)
Participate in the center management meetings on monthly basis
Perform various administrative tasks
Provide direct response to sale at global art market
Required Skills :

Fluency in written and spoken in English ( second language is a case of selection )
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel. 
Ability to work as a team & independently.
Duration: Contract for 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. 
Location: Berlin and New York City ( you can join us anywhere)

Related Person :

Diana Fernandez .
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