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July, 2018

  • 2 July

    Muhammad Zaman

    In the year 2012, I decided to do calligraphy at a professional level and pursue it as a career. I later started I am also part of which is an interfaith organization that promotes peace and allows diverse groups of people from all spectrums to come together for the arts. I have Joined …

June, 2018

  • 3 June

    Plume Pacotille

    Already as a teenager she creates the association “from a star to a butterfly” which aim to talk about art and history of art in schools in an original and playfull way, to open the minds and stregthend the curiosity of the yougest. Following her meeting with Cent ALANTAR (french disney …

  • 3 June

    Valentina Bilbao

    Valentina Bilbao is a visual artist she was born in Caracas, Venezuela. From a very young age she discovered her love of painting, drawing and poetry, she dedicated herself learning new techniques that allowed her to further develop her artistic skills. She felt the need to convey her knowledge, and …

  • 3 June

    Ibrahim Gailani

    Gailani is self-taught contemporary artist of Iraqi & Pakistani decent living Muscat and Oman. He exhibits his paintings in the Middle-East, Europe&North America. His recent works is known for its pop-up inspired portraits with street graffiti lettering.   He is founder of ”Gailani Art Retreat” a creative gateway of self-expression …

May, 2018

  • 12 May

    Hamed Alderei

    Hamed is a confident, dedicated and passionate photographer.  He holds over 17  years of photography experience with great variety and explore with mixed media in order to add value and bring innovation into the photography industry effectively. Hamedtravel around the world to capture the beauty of natural scene with high quality …

  • 11 May

    fatmagül mutlu

      Fatmagül Mutlu, global artist, curator and activist who continues his life on the road. Boğaziçi University and Bologna University have received trainings. She performs international art activities under the identity of art manager. In addition, she has the title changemaker. Also, the artist makes mixed technique in order not …

  • 9 May

    maria robeda belen

                  Robeda Belen works with the human body, the artist was always inspired by body movement and how it relates to space, that’s why the artist works the body in one way and the space in another. Complementing or not, they communicate. It is …

  • 9 May

    Ekaterini Koliakou

    Think loud music in my ears and soul An attitude of directly and straight forward to being heard and honest A monologue WITH the voice and insight FROM God to see the unknown but conscious way to move on and keep on going My LIFE is ART and ART is …

  • 1 May

    Kiran Shah

    Kiran Salim Shah is a UAE based Pakistani artist who creates art transcending time and space. Using acrylics and oil paints as her medium of choice, she depicts the streets of Pakistan with a rawness that captures the ethnicity and essence of her homeland while conveying the simplicity of the roots. She aims …

March, 2018

  • 4 March

    Linda Michelle Hardy

    From California, Linda Michelle Hardy continiues to work about art at Victorian Alley. Her art is dictated my her emotions the interaction with the art materials allows her to transmute suicidal and other depressive behaviors as well as channel energy on a manic phase. I find balance in clay art. …