Duration: April 5-12, 2020
Space: Ronda Arte BCN
Deadline: October 30,2019
Application Form :
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Application is 15€ through Paypal or bank transfer.

Symbiosis comes from two Greek words that means “with” and “living.” Symbiosis is a relationship between two or more organisms that live closely together.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson says “We are all connected; to each other, biologically to the earth, chemically to the rest of the universe atomically.” It describes a lot of things. If so much people believe in this, the world would be a much better place. Like a Tyson’s words, we are invites you to being symbiotic with the theme to embrace your own symbiotics through your art in every techniques. This is an invitation for a symbiotic relationship…

Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Every action, every thought, every human, each creature of the mother earth… Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together.

Let’s Come Together !



Deadline : AUGUST 15, 2019

ARTNESS CONTEMPORARY is pleased to announced an open call for the next issue !

Eligibility : Artists are welcome to submit in any medium from all over for promoting their work on cover of Artness Contemporary.

Application fee : Non- refundable 15 Euros for administrative fee only via Paypal directly to

Application : In the email subject of ‘’COVER CONTEST’’ directly to with 1-3 images of work/works.

Artness Contemporary Magazine by Artness Group is an independent international print and online publication dedicated to showcasing and promoting experimental and progressive art. Also includes many opportunity for art studios, galleries, fundraiser, artists, designers and fashion brands and more.

* This charge accepted for supporting artists with mental health issues also!

Contact Information:
Diana Fernandez
Art Manager of Artness Group



Can you burn the lights faster?


Artness System invites you to burn your lights faster as an international emerging artists ! Your lights depicts to rising creativity in the each artists’ approach from all over. Let’s imagine our future through art in all techniques. We can shape the future with each burning lights… Raise your hand and let’s move together !

Crypton is most important chemical element of neon lights and resource for lights…

Application is free and participant artist will be had some opportunities by Artness Group :

– exhibition space dedicated to the artist’s works
– cinema room dedicated to video screenings and performances 
– assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport
– assisting in finding accommodation for artists
– the design and the printing of invitation cards, posters
– the global and local press office, publicity, press, banners, totem, etc.
– the realization of the exhibition website and dedicated press releases
– mounting and dismounting of the exhibitions
– exhibitions opening event with drinks and food
– daily refreshment stand available during the opening times
– a dedicated live interview on Artness Contemporary Art Magazine, published also on ARTNESS SYSTEM website and spread on our social networks
– providing services and drinks for small meetings at the exhibition places for invited guests

Please don’t forget to send your cv and proposal directly to

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Artness Contemporary in the proud partner of Artness Group
will share lots of opportunity for artists in global art market,
studio and brands :

– Artness Contemporary Cover Competition 

– Artness Contemporary Feature 

– Online Show Program

*The charges will be donated to
for next two months.

Hayam Elsayed

Hayam is an Egyptian artist. She graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology. Hayam’s goal in life is to help people and help them strive in personal excellence hayam has always had an eye for art ever since she was a little girl. After all these years she decide to take art to another level which lead her Florence academy of art. she saw the beauty that came whilst working on art. Hayam has a lot of passion towards all kinds art she appreciates good art when she sees it and recognize each and every detail from the abstract lines to the balance between each color.

She found her inspiration in facial expression and how emotions can be seen through the eyes of a portrait. 

Contemporary Hayam Elsayed, an Egyptian artist who has a young and vibrant heart. Art is not a hobby to her but a way of life. She aims to heal people through painting. Her art showcases intense emotions giving her paintings warmth and a great sense of realism. 

Hayam paints portraits that express intense emotions, with faces that reveal feelings of love, courage, hope and strength. Observing every face she see’s; Hayam paints the live expression of her subject giving it a life of its own.  Her technique embodies detail drawing lines and colour choices that highlights the subjects’ intense gazes.
She hopes that her art will inspire people by stirring their emotions and senses looking at the versatile characters she draws. With each painting, she delivers feelings of hope, love, courage and all range of positive emotions that will heal and help people. She gets inspired by looking at people’s faces, watching the way they laugh, cry and react to all the senses surrounding them. She aims to be different by giving life to her paintings with her detailed drawing techniques and the color choices that highlights the subjects’ intense gazes . 

Takahiro Yamada

Japanese based artist Takahiro Yamada selected for online show program and new project which will be held between Japan and Berlin.

Black & white ballpoint pen artist and translator. Cats, Dogs, owls, suffered animals and all furry KAWAI things draw most of the attention of my ballpoint pen. My aim is to express their warmth and liveliness on paper through simple means. Also, presently a translator ( Japanese-English) for and Osaka trading company.


Artness System Online Exhibition Program

Click Here for Application Form

ONLINE EXHIBITION by ARTNESS GROUP ! We have lots of opportunity to share your talent worldwide. Please contact directly to for further with your 10 images of works and your CV ! Our online show charges will be donated to bipolar artists case of this please send application fee :

Application is free and participant artist will be had some opportunities by Artness Group :

  • Adding to Artness System’s Artist Library as current
  • Artness Contemporary Interview
  • Certificate
  • Publication
  • Emailing system for more than 10.000 art collectors
  • Promoting on social media as current not only during the show
  • Have a chance for participating some selected opportunity like year of the artist. ( Artist of the 2018 is Eleni Tsamadia from Greece who participated in Metamorphosis Art Festival, Barcelona with her video project that called ”VENUS DE MILO” )

Application fee : 50€ Homepage Show One-time (Online Show, curatorial works, catalogue and lots of opportunity by Artness Group)


*If you would like to join to Artists Library only : 30€ (Current – more than 13.000 click in a day )


Marketing Manager

Artness Group is a global organization in the collaboration with huge number of galleries, museums and art collector from all over. Our one the mission is supporting emerging young artists and young people who is in mid-career. 
We are looking for marketing manager from all over who can work with commissionss at global art market. Manager will have opportunity to develop their business communication and fundraising skills through the trainings by Artness Group regularly.

Job Summary :

Marketing manager will care the online sales during the projects by Artness Group. We are looking for :

Manage emails and reply the inquiries in a timely manner with self-direction
Report tasks on monthly basis (2 hours in a day)
Participate in the center management meetings on monthly basis
Perform various administrative tasks
Provide direct response to sale at global art market
Required Skills :

Fluency in written and spoken in English ( second language is a case of selection )
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel. 
Ability to work as a team & independently.
Duration: Contract for 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. 
Location: Berlin and New York City ( you can join us anywhere)

Related Person :

Fatmagül Mutlu .
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Amarnath Viswanath

Amarnath Viswanath is a German resident, born in India on 20, June 1941. After graduating with in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, India, Amarnath started his ceramic career working as a trainee in a ceramic insulator company in Germany. In 1968 he completed his studies at the Ceramic College in Germany with a degree in Ceramic Engineering.

As a Ceramic Engineer, Amarnath joined a Color Manufacturer and developed colors and coatings for ceramic products like Wall- and Floor Tiles, Sanitary wares and Dinnerwares. He was in charge of the Pigment Development Division and spent 3 years in Spain for on-site installation of a new Color plant. His job included lots of traveling to Africa,Europe and USA  assisting  customers to produce sellable products.

In his early boyhood, Amarnath showed extreme interests on colors and their structure. Later on his professional career, Amarnath was dealing with the development of colors and experimenting on new color combinations.Vast traveling across the globe and thus learning different cultures and life, has left an unforgettable memory.

Amarnath uses almost exclusively acrylic colors for his paintings. Although he started his painting with abstract images, Amarnath tends more and more towards landscape paintings. Most of the landscape images are remembrance of his time spent in USA. Color blue is the favorite color of Amarnath as can be seen in most of his paintings. Amarnath has exhibited his art in working group exhibitions including the international Artist’s Organisation’s „IN3ArtWorldWide“ exhibition in Tuscany Italy.

Frederick Bamfo

Online Catalogue

Bamfo(b.1981 Kumasi, Ghana) is an award winning artist who is redefining Ghanaian modern art and architecture. He served as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at the Department of Painting and Sculpture in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi where he obtained his BFA in 2010 and MFA in 2014. He also has background knowledge in Fashion Design and Textiles from Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both in Ghana and abroad. Notable of his exhibitions are: Incubarte 7 Biennale Exhibition 2015 in Valencia, Spain, Barclays L’Atelier Competition Exhibition 2015, 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.