Lee Musgrave

Lee Musgrave specializes in abstract photography which he will exhibit in the 2018 11th Pollux Awards Exhibition in Barcelona and which was included in the 2016 Berlin Foto Biennale. His studio is in White Salmon, Washington, USA.
Often, I toss bits and pieces of found ephemera onto my studio work table. When the aesthetic elegance generated by this action ignites my visual cortex I reach for my camera. The resulting abstract photographs survey a subject whose visual persona transcends its socially coerced repute. They also reflect upon humanities consumer-centric existence while articulating critical engagement with the non-material aspects of the subject, revealing it as a source of inspiration for artistic and intellectual pursuit while expanding photography’s evolving conversation within contemporary art.

Here a synthesis of transformations within the process of ‘taking advantage of chance’ presents visual unity while abstracting the very language of photography. Through deconstruction and reconstruction these images challenge the viewer to reexamine our relationship to photography.