Rafael Romero

Rafael Romero is a Spanish visual artist based in Amsterdam, he holds a BA on Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
“Rafael’s work focuses on the social and societal position of the artist in the age of a so-called attention economy, and analyses the ambiguities of artistic labor in particular. Basing his practice on complicit intervention in digital circulation, he rejects the idea of originality and invention but appropriates strategies from social and an economy based on (self-exploitation). His work is collaborative by nature and ranges from YouTube videos that erase themselves while being played, to the production of ceramic objects.”
Rafael Romero


Selected exhibitions:

Room 2.07 “Sketched and Staged”, Amsterdam January 2018.

De Kring , Extream, Amsterdam August 2017.

De Kring, Rietveld Graduates, Amsterdam July 2017.

De Vishal, Summer Love, Harlem July 2017.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Graduation Show 2017, Amsterdam july 2017.

Overschiestraat 188, Syzygy, Amsterdam April 2016.

Cultuurmaand Texel, Lange Juni. May 2016.

De Brakke Grond, “Bots, Bodies, Beasts—The art of being Humble”, Amsterdam March 2016.

ALab, For example: etc, Amsterdam March 2016.

HalfMannsHof, Urbane Kunst Ruhr, Mobility Ruhr. Gelsenkirchen, Germany October 2015.

Frascati Theater, An evening with Laughter, Amsterdam June 2015.

Cobra Museum of Modern Art. Laughter, Amsterdam July 2015.