Jack M. Evangelista is an emerging artist, working primarily in oils and acrylics. She can also perceive the edge in the Art world by exploring other mediums such as watercolors, gouache, markers, inks and color pencils. Jack is born and raised in the Philippines, working as an IT professional from one country to another and currently living in Dubai. While working in the corporate industry, driven by her internal desire since she was a kid, just a year back, Jack have started to recall what her heart and hands can remember that her mind has forgotten over a long time. She enrolled in DUCTAC for an oil painting class and started to reignite her love for ART.

Jack’s original paintings may be described as “bizarre yet inspiring, full of emotions and mystery”. Most of her works embodies the strength that lies under the beauty of her characters. She is emotionally invested to her pieces that she is able to create stories out of her artworks. Stories that would bring her audience out to surreal yet interesting world of possibilities.

In Dubai, she also joined Art Exhibitions, Art fairs and venture out the opportunities online through social media that will drive her passion into full-time profession soon. She believes that this is her purpose. Creating and leaving a mark in the world is just a bonus.

Below are the places where you can find her: