Giuseppe Portulano


Giuseppe Portulano is a young artist originally from Taranto but later adopted by the splendid city of Bologna. Joseph among the great team of the Bolognese that in this city are not born but there are transferred by adults choosing it and loving it as if it were their hometown.

The passion for art originated in he spontaneously and only apparently casual, as his vivacity and inner curiosity have it led to identify the form of expression most in keeping with him and his emotional heritage. He found himself in this way become a young and rebellious artist, devoted to the unconventional both formal and conceptual, but within one social and collective path of sharing and of communion of intentions and feelings, as well as of reasoning.The art therefore understood by him and manifests as a means of communication to narrate to others and for deal with others on different themes, both individual, existential and conflictual.

The painting of Portulano is a painting that evokes the informal, almost the psychedelic, the dreamy and deforming gaze that it narrates as it exalts or al on the contrary, it deforms the reality it is narrating.