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March Edition



Art fairs, biennials, funds and grants projects, international art weeks are in the competitions of creativitiy. In metropolises such as New York, Paris, Berlin and Londra, suitable working enviroments are provided for international artists. In this edition, we are, as Artness Contemporary, sharing funds and grants for artists from all around…

The art spaces and current exhibitions in New York, United States of America shows a sensible approach to art history and pay attention to it. The Metropolitan Museum of Art brings out its edition of ‘’Los Alamos’’, the famous portfolio of images by Eggleston. Starting 1965, Eggleston began experimenting with color film. ‘’William Eggleston: Los Alamos’’ which was created over a nine year period through Eggleston’s road trip. The series will shown until May 28 on The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 691.

One of the places where creativity has risen is iconic city of Miami, Art Wynwood Art Fair opened the doors for art World with 51 galleries and initiatives on February 15. Art Wynwood encourage you to donate to help provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of this horrific tragedy for The Parkland High School Victims’ Families. We honored to share response with the campaign.

By Artness Contemporary will continue to support artist, art organizations which have creativity in art sector for the innovative future… We wish days filled with peace, trust, hope and art…

Asya Sevdalinova Dzhankova